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Motorized Bicycle is your one stop fabrication shop specializing in custom built motorized bicycle's and accessories which include:
Hand made gas tanks tailored to fit your frame our popular models are the In Frame Gas Tank , Seatpost & Laid Back Seatpost  Gas Tank, 
Sealed Frame Tanks, & Seat Tanks. Along with custom finishes of your choice like Chromed, Anodized, Powder Coated, 
Pin Striped, Decals, or Custom Paint Jobs.  We also accept  Special Gas Tank orders, Have an Idea we can make it!
Exhaust's, Expansion Chambers, Mufflers & Brackets to match. 
Aluminum Intake Manifolds straight or angled depending on clearance, Jetted Carburetors.
We Lathe 6061 grade Aluminum Hubs! Front Dual Disc Brake Bicycle Hubs with German Sealed Bearings rated appropriately. 
Rear Single Disc Brake Hubs Spaced to your Frame width if necessary.
Hi Grade Adjustable and or Vertical  Aluminum Motor Mounts for Any type of Motor Matched to Any type of Frame. Ours wont crack like the $80 Name Brand's Guaranteed! 
2 Stroke - 4 Stroke - Electric ?  Bike, Trike, Unicycle, Rickshaw. 
If you called and said you wanted  to mount a jetpack to grandmothers wheelchair I would moraly advise you against it, but in theory we could do it.
And if you're using stock mounts that come in those overseas kits ... Count Your Lucky Stars!And Brakes Please.That's at the very top of the list Coaster Brakes Brake Ankles! When those 50 cent parts fail the pedals spin as fast as the tire and its not pretty. We have Hydraulic Disc brakes for that.Our main focus is providing a safe high quality product down to the nuts and bolts.
And how fast do you want to go ?
We have friends and customers that have spent upwards of $2,000 for us to fully upgrade Honda's 212cc Predator 4 Stroke Motor.
We can get you very close to triple digits, Its not for everyone and if your not on the track you don't need to be going that fast.
I recommend a basic $200-$300 reliability upgrade on a 4 stroke motor  essentially removing and upgrading the built in obsolescence.
Motor Upgrades : Stroker Motors, Balanced Cranks, Rockers, Big Valve Conversions, Heavy Duty Springs, Cams, Flywheels, Jackshafts And Mechanical Chain Guides.    
Porting... Real Porting ( with degree wheel measurements and micrometers ) Word of advice. Never buy a ported sleeve without the matching bottom end.
It's kinda like wearing a thousand dollar hat ,
with no pants on... at the supermarket. 
Although we Fabricate parts for 2 Stroke Motors 49cc 66cc 80cc etc...  
Custom Builds are 4 Stroke Only . Not because we don't like 2 Stroke's but rather that it turned our fabrication shop into a repair shop.
Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions.
 Ghettobike is a family owned and operated business focused on developing new sustainable products not only to make your ride safe but also to stand out with style . 
With years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as art and technical direction. We bring our experience to every project. 
After years of working in custom fabrication and design for various industrys, We decided to branch off to form our own fabrication shop.
Having the tools at your disposal not only allows you to broaden your ideas.It allows one to materialize ideas into reality.
Not limited to one specific field we are inventors by nature, finding solutions to the obstacles and challenges that present themselves.
And then it's on to the next. Inspiration sometimes comes from the least likely places so don't exclude something that might seem absolutely impossible.   
Customize Your One Of A kind Build.
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Seat Post Tank Fox    In-Frame Tank polished 

In Frame Gas Tanks

In Frame Gas Tanks


Hand Made from Hi Grade 1/8 th inch Aluminum Pressure Tested &
Guaranteed Not To Leak.
Quality Hardware Included
& Installation is easy

$269.00 Standard

$325.00 Oversized 20+ Inches

Free Shipping!

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Seat Post Tank


Seat Post Gas Tanks


Seat Post Gas Tanks


 Made From High Grade 1/8 th Inch Aluminum

Pressure tested and 

5 Inches Round With a 9 Inch arm

Guaranteed Not To Lea

Vented Cap Included 

Installation is easy

(Click Here For More Info)

$89 Free Shipping !


Sealed Tank FrameTank Frame

Gas Tanks Frames

Gas Tanks Frames

We carry a variety of Tank Frames
starting at $225 and up.
Located in Los Angeles CA
we can also provide the service of
sealing a frame of your own for $150

Free Shipping !


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Call or email us to schedule an appointment. 


4 stroke motor mounts/Jack-Shaft


    212cc Predator Death Row
 4 Stroke Motor Mount Kit                                212cc Predator 4 Stroke Motor Mount Kit With Jack Shaft


212 & 79 cc Predator

4 Stroke Motor Mounts

2 Options Available

Option #1 Standard Upgrade Kit
For the Death Row Transmission

Upgrade your mounts to our Hi Grade Aluminum Upright System.
Mounting Plate w/ Adjustable 10mm Slots
2 Rear Mounting blocks attaching the plate to your frame
As well as a front mounting motor bracket for stability 
* Quality Hardware included 
In addition to the mount system we also provide a wide Axle with
sprocket and cranks for Motor Clearance . Pedals Not Included

Option #2 Deluxe Kit w/ Jack Shaft

Due to the unreliability of the factory Transmission.
We have developed a reliable solution by replacing the standard
Death Row Transmission with our custom made

Durable Sealed Bearing Jack Shaft

Which uses heavy duty chain as opposed to a belt drive.
No more broken Transmission Plates or Replacement Belts.
Everything in the Standard Upgrade Kit  (Option #1)
Along with the Deluxe Attachable Jack Shaft.

 Free Shipping !

Click Here See More Pics And Info

        Standard Or Deluxe

2 Stroke 49cc Motorized Bicycle ExhaustMotorized Bicycle Exhaust

Custom Exhaust's

Custom Exhaust's

Fabricated to fit your Frame

With or without muffler
1/4 inch Steel Flange 

& Support Brackets for Stability.

$225 Free Shipping !

   Motor Mount 2 stroke2 Stroke Engine Motor Mount 49cc


 2 Stroke Motor Mounts

2 Stroke Motor Mounts


 Adjustable Front and Rear High Grade Aluminum Motor Mounts
Though & Built To Last.
 Universal Mounts Fit
40 and 50 mm bolt patterns

 Standard for 2 Stroke Engines. 
Thousands old and not one has broken.
Guaranteed To Last! 

$125 Free Shipping !

             Rear Disc Hub Rear Hub W/  Disc Brake

Disc Break Assembly


4 Stoke Rear Hub 

& Disc Break Assembly

Design Your Own Brake System
With our Custom Made Parts:
Heavy Duty Spokes  
Laced Rim of Your Choice 
Balanced Hand Made Hub
Sealed Japanese Bearings
Adjustable Aluminum Caliper Bracket
Hydraulic Brake Assembly Includes:
Brake Lever Caliper & Disc\

Prices Vary

Call or email for a Quote 

 212 Predator Big ValvePredator head


212 Predator Head Big Valve Head Ported & Polished

212 Predator Head Big Valve

Ported & Polished


32 MM Intake 28 MM Exhaust With
Dual Heavy Duty 32 Pound Springs!!


$299 Free Shipping !

 Dual Disc Hub

Dual Disc  Break Front Hub

Dual Disc  Break Front Hub


High Grade Aluminum 


Sealed Bearings 


Hardened Axle 


Dual Disc Ready


$129 Free Shipping ! Gas Tank Seat         Seat Tank

Gas Tank Seat

Motorized Bicycle

Gas Tank Seat

Holds Over A Gallon Constructed From

 High Grade Aluminum 

Neoprene Seat Cushions

And Mounts For Stability 

Slots In The Seat Post  For Easy Assembly

Top Notch Hardware Included

Please Specify Your Seat Post Diameter

$375 Free Shipping !


      Laid Back Sear Post   Laid Back PSeat Post Gas Tank

Laid Back Seat Post Gas Tanks 

Laid Back Seat Post

Gas Tanks 


Constructed From Heavy Duty Solid Cold Rolled Steel Bar

Slots 12 inches into your post for strength.

Tank Made from high grade

1/8th inch Aluminum

Pressure Tested & Guaranteed Not To Leak

5 Inches Round   

Seat Not Included

Specify your Seat Post diameter

$160 Free Shipping !


Clutch Cover

4 Stroke Clutch Cover

4 Stroke Clutch Cover


Protect yourself against tearing up your leg with our stylish aluminum clutch cover.
Made to fit any 4 stroke motor , simply send us the make and model and we will fabricate a custom piece just for you 

Specify Your Motor

$130 Free Shipping !

Weld On BungsWeld On Bungs


Weld on Aluminum Bung

Weld on Aluminum Bung

 Vented & Barbed Threaded Cap with a
Gas Rated O-Ring. 
Our Caps have a Diamond Pattern Knurling Finish for a secure grip. 
Intended for making tanks of all kinds

$25 Each Or 5 for $100

 Free Shipping !