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Weld On Bungs With Vented And Barbed Threaded Caps


We offer Hi Quality Aluminum Weld In Bungs intended for making tanks of all kinds. 

We use them on all of our gas tank builds. Others use them for water and oil tanks . 

Our caps have a diamond pattern knurling finish around the rim for a secure grip.

They are vented to prevent vapor lock ,and are barbed to accommodate a 

1/4 inch interior diameter hose to prevent gas from escaping the vent as shown below. 

If you don't need them to be vented due to your specific application,

just send us an email upon checkout and we will send you an airtight version. 

Our tank welding bungs are made from 6061 high grade aluminum  and  are 

designed with a welding lip to prevent the threads from warping due to heat during installation .

Gas rated O-Ring included to ensure a leak proof seal.

$25.00 Each  Or  $99.00 For 5

Free Shipping !! 


Phone 1-323-359-9680 or email for support 

Weld In Bung Weld On Bung
                Bung Gas Tank