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Laid Back Seat Post Gas Tanks


Customize your ride with our stylish seat post tank combo.
 The seat post is constructed from cold rolled hardened steel ,
 Lathed down to fit down your post over 12 inches for strength, and sized to fit your seat.
The gas tank is made from quality 6061 aluminum pressure tested and guaranteed not to leak.
Includes a cap with diamond pattern knurling finish around the rim for a secure grip. 
They are vented to prevent vapor lock ,
And are barbed 
to accommodate a 1/4 inch interior diameter hose to prevent gas sloshing out the vent.


Seat Not Included
Send us your seat post diameter upon PayPal Checkout in t he message box so your info is paired with your order.

Or you can email us your information along with your name date of purchase and order #


 $159.99 Free Shipping !


Phone 1-323-359-9680 or email for support 

Laid back Gas tankk seat post
Weld On Bung Laid back Gas Tank And Seat