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Custom Motorized Bicycles Built to Order


Built from the bottom up here GhettoBike we Custom Machine all of our own Specialty Upgraded Parts.
Using only the Highest Quality Materials. In the Motorized Bicycle Industry
We quickly realized that stock products were poorly made with below standard materials and hardware that constantly breaks.
Coming from a background of Mechanical, Automotive, & Electrical Design & Fabrication
We decided to build our own High End 4-Stroke Motorized Bicycles not only for aesthetic reasons but for overall safety.
Building your own Custom Motorized Bike can be a fun but a lengthy decision process.
With our skilled team we will guide you through the process of designing your One Of A Kind Bike
Using components which include our Custom Machined Parts.
We take pride in our craft and use nothing but the Finest Quality of Materials in all of our products.
Each product is hand tailored to meet the needs of your components.


Below Is A Guide On How To Start You Own Custom Build

Prices vary depending on your needs 

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Give Us A Call & Start The Process Of Your Design


Start by picking the right Frame. Remember that foundation is everything.
We can then we choose a motor. What size motor do you want ?
Do you want a Complete Upgraded Version or a Basic Upgrade ?
Upgrades to your motor Increase Reliability as well as Horsepower which equals Speed.
It is absolute necessary to have some minor work done to Stock Motors
In order to become reliable, A basic Upgraded Motor will do anywhere between
40 and 50 miles an hour. And Complete Upgraded motors go a lot faster than that.
Next what kind of gas tank do you want?
We have a selection of gas tanks that we design
& build to the specifications of your frame.
Here are the links for some examples:
In Frame Tanks , Seat Post Tanks , Tank Frames , & Seat Tanks My Favorite!
Or maybe you have an idea of your own?
Safety is a main concern as well as quality here at GhettoBike,
Not only do we want to give you the highest quality product
We also want to ensure its safety.
One of the major upgrades that anyone can make to their bike is brakes!
We offer a wide range of Brake Options:
Dual Disc Front Brakes, Rear Disc Brakes
Which are All Included with our own handmade Hubs
6061 High Grade Aluminum with Precision Japanese bearings.
Next there's Motor Mounts:
Motor Mounts are specific to the type of motor and frame you have.
Our Motor Mounts are custom tailored to fit your frame.
Mounting Kits Include a Front & Rear Mount,
As well as Top Mount for Stability,
Along with our Upright Mounting Plate: Click Here For Examples.
Now on to the Carburetor's
What kind of Carburetor do you want?
Aluminum Intake Manifold's are included & produced to match the size of the Carburetor
Rims, Tires , Seats, Forks , & Handle Bars.
Functionality as well as looks.
There are many options in which we can help you better decide.


Lighting Systems:
Brake Lights, Head Lights, LED Ground Effects, & More
Saddlebags, Locking Padded Compartments, Tool Compartments, Phone Mounts
And Last but not least Paint.
Do you want to Custom Paint Job, Powder Coated, or Anodized ?
The sky's the limit if you have an Idea of your own we can make it for you !

And if you don't have time for all that nonsense you can say
"I want Something Like That But In Silver"